Your Papal-Approved Catholic News.

I wouldn’t count myself in with the likes of Hilary White or Steve Skojec or any of the other bloggers who’ve been fighting the good fight for far longer than I’ve been woke, but this is a hilarious list of approved Catholic media sources from our (Canada’s) very own Father Thomas Rosica, or as I will refer to him, Father Tom.  

I mean, wow.  So from now on Catholics, this is what you’re allowed to read.  I guess I’ll have to do some editing of my link roll  on the side of this blog.

They just keep on digging.  Thank you, Hilary White.

Scheer’s Empty Vessel.

I was reading a tweet that Charles Adler retweeted with a response from a woman who’s fed up with Andrew Scheer’s poll-possessed, weak-knee’d, stand-for-nothing leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

The tweet got me thinking.  Andrew Scheer is an avatar for a political party who’s primary concern, beyond all else, is attaining power.  Despite what the policy manual might say, (and mostly its a manual of useless “National Strategies” last I looked) they’ve jettisoned all their principles except one, that being taxes, and even on that issue its a smoke-screen because most of their tax cuts aren’t cuts at all.  Its tax credits.  Its the state promising to pay you if you do what they want.  The Scheer-Cons won’t even challenge the status quo on something as communistic as the government controlling the price of dairy products in order to guarantee the profits of dairy farmers while Canadians are forced to a pay a premium which the poor can’t afford.  The current government is in the process of completely fumbling the NAFTA re-negotiations because they’re too concerned with “social justice” than actually trying to negotiate a fair deal for Canada.

That’s leaving aside the fact that none of parties, let alone the Scheer-Cons, are going to address abortion, homosexual marriage, euthanasia, no-fault divorce, etc.    In fact, Andrew Scheer was able to persuade a significant chunk of so-called “social conservatives” to vote for him in spite of his Harper pledge not to legislate on abortion.  Mr. Scheer even said he doesn’t believe in imposing his ideology on anyone.  It should be noted here that Andrew Scheer is a Roman Catholic.   Another Catholic politician in Canada failing to live out his faith publicly.  Maybe his Archbishop or his parish Priest would like to share a word next time Andrew Scheer is spotted at Mass on Sunday.

Given the performance of the current liberal government, any competent opposition party should have them on the ropes.  Instead the current conservative movement is once again fracturing into two and on the verge of handing an incompetent twit a re-election victory that he doesn’t deserve.  In a purely material sense, Maxime Bernier choosing to leave the Conservative Party to start his own, and hopefully take his 49% of the leadership vote with him will spur Andrew Scheer to actually take a stand and show some backbone.  Unfortunately I can’t hold my breath on that one.

So, I don’t plan to vote in the next Federal election.  I’m a monarchist and I don’t think we’d be any worse off if this were a Monarchy and I truly had no-vote, rather than the “choices” that will be on the ballot next October.


Well, duh!

New Study confirms higher risk of mental health disorders after abortion.

I can’t imagine how torturous an abortion is to the conscience of a woman.  From the moment of conception the baby in the womb is a person, there’s no debating it medically or scientifically.  The only debate is in our heads.  Do we want to be honest about what abortion really is and does, or do we want to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t have consequences (except for the child who’s killed in the process)?

The consequences of our denial of objective truth will eventually catch up with us.  Its only a matter of time.  Get ready.  Its already trickling down to other aspects of reality like sex and marriage, which are obviously related to abortion.

Pray for porn addicts.

Pornography is evil.  If you know someone who is watching porn please don’t stay quiet – say something.  The person is engaging in a truly destructive behaviour.  The false God of sexual liberation has bore many rotten fruit, one of them is porn.

Pornography, along with other addictions, floods the brain with dopamine and makes us feel good. Overtime, as more dopamine is released, you will feel the effects of the dopamine less and less, which leads people to search for hardcore porn and other stronger substances to feel good.

For many, pornography is a substitute for the feeling of happiness. As you numb yourself with graphic sexual images and videos, you are missing out on building some real, amazing relationships with your spouse, friends, and community. In the end, no amount of pornography will take away your problems. In fact, it will just become one of them.

Jesus Christ wants us to have joy.  There’s no joy in porn.  There’s just objectification, self-hatred, and addiction (among other possible side effects). The power of his love for you is more powerful than any love you could have for porn or any illicit substance.  Turn to him and cooperate with his grace (through his Church, the Catholic Church).  Offer your suffering, brokenness, loneliness, self-hate, etc. up to him.  Place it in his wounds.  He can heal it.

Its all about Jesus.

Sometimes reality stands up and strikes you in the face like a Roughned Odor punch to Jose Bautista’s jaw.  I was reading John Robson’s column for C2C journal earlier today about the decay of western democracy particularly in the United States, but also in Canada.

We often don’t make much connection between our own private lives and our public lives that are lived through democratic institution; like our Federal Parliament or Provincial Legislatures, or even City Councils.  Politicians aren’t drawn from a separate pool of humanity that is altogether different from the rest of us.  They are the rest of us.  They just live their lives in public view more so than most others.  So when politicians behave badly, spend money recklessly, break promises, refuse to confess to wrongdoing, or abuse power – these aren’t flaws that are specific to politicians. These are sins that we as a society have grown accustomed to.  They are sins that we ourselves commit in our personal lives and have become rather adept at justifying them to ourselves.

So is it really any wonder that politicians behave the same way publicly that we all behave privately?  We can’t bifurcate ourselves.  The more sin and dysfunction reign in our private lives, the more it will reign in our public life.  The election of Justin Trudeau is a reflection of “modern Canada”.  A gluttonous, hedonistic society that would prefer to ignore problems and just have fun, rather than confront the problems and protect the common good.  The more hedonistic and gluttonous a people we become the more it necessitates controls from the outside.  Hence we become less free.

What was previously discussed was an introduction to the root of the problem in Western civilization: we’ve lost our faith.  We’ve abandoned the first principles that grounded us for so many years and made us prosperous and free.  To the extent that we are a Christian country is the extent to which we still hold to what Jesus Christ taught, not our personal conception of what He taught (tolerance, non-judgementalism, etc.), but what He actually taught.

Christ referred to or spoke directly of the risk of hell more times than any other subject in the New Testament.  The fear of that reality acted as a constraint on most of society for decades, but not anymore.  Now everyone goes to heaven unless you’re Hitler, Stalin, a child rapist, or paedophile.  One of our Lord’s most clear teachings was on divorce.  Its in all four Gospels.  Today roughly half of all marriages end in divorce and we as a “Christian” country seem to have no problem with that.  Even worse, we’ve made divorce so easy to attain that we’ve ruined the meaning of marriage as a life long commitment until death do you part.

We’ve lost our sense of the natural law.  We’ve forgotten that what will truly make us happy is to live in accordance with God’s law.  We must assent to the created order that exists beyond us that is not our making,  heaven and earth; land and sea; male and female.  In defending marriage we often speak of the complementarity of the sexes.  We’ve decided that even our biological sex is something that we can manipulate and control, and that the dual purposes of the sexual act can be divorced from each other.  We can have sex without babies, babies without sex, and we can have both babies and sex without marriage.

As we’ve eliminated the inner constraints on our personal behaviour we’ve increased the outer constraints.  Its not shocking that as the True Faith has been diminished and made a matter of private devotion, as opposed to a public religion, our freedom has slowly been slipping away.  So the answer to our personal problems will be the answer to our public problems.  God in the person of Jesus Christ, his only Son (the Divine Logos, the Word made flesh) that gave rise to all of creation because only through him can we be saved.