Scheer’s Empty Vessel.

I was reading a tweet that Charles Adler retweeted with a response from a woman who’s fed up with Andrew Scheer’s poll-possessed, weak-knee’d, stand-for-nothing leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. The tweet got me thinking.  Andrew Scheer is an avatar for a political party who’s primary concern, beyond all else, is attaining power.  Despite […]

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Random Thoughts

First, Vincent Frankini of Tumblar House made a suggestion that if one were to read 10 pages per day for an entire year, you would read about 3650 pages in a year which would work out to 10-20 books per year.  So, I was reading Libido Dominandi the last couple of mornings.  I bought Libido […]

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The Rockefeller Foundation

To most Catholics who spend any significant time on the internet learning about their faith, or just reading news about it, Michael Voris is probably a name you’ve heard of.   There’s not much middle ground with the founder of St. Michael’s Media and, most people either love him or hate him.  Few people […]

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Pray for porn addicts.

Pornography is evil.  If you know someone who is watching porn please don’t stay quiet – say something.  The person is engaging in a truly destructive behaviour.  The false God of sexual liberation has bore many rotten fruit, one of them is porn. Pornography, along with other addictions, floods the brain with dopamine and makes […]

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