Andrew Scheer

I sat this afternoon glued to the CPAC feed on my laptop of the Conservative Party of Canada leadership convention.  Andrew Scheer is the new leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.   Mr. Scheer came second on every ballot from the first right through the twelfth, and then on the final 13th ballot he […]

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Happy Victoria Day!

Today is probably my favourite secular holiday.  On the third Monday in May Canadians celebrate the reign of Queen Victoria, the granddaughter of King George III. Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the fourth son of King George III. Both the Duke of Kent and King George III died […]

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I never knew…

You can buy personal health insurance in Canada!  The land of socialized medicine has insurance agencies that offer personal health plans.  I never realized it until today. Last week I moved an investment from TD Canada Trust to Sun Life Financial.  Today, I was on the Sun Life website to see if I could check […]

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We need clear blue water.

Sorry, its not a post about our water quality which deserves a post for itself.  This is about the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race.  I want to share an interview that was done by Mark Steyn with Maxime Bernier. Affectionately known as “Mad Max” by some of his supporters, he’s running a principled campaign […]

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The Rockefeller Foundation

To most Catholics who spend any significant time on the internet learning about their faith, or just reading news about it, Michael Voris is probably a name you’ve heard of.   There’s not much middle ground with the founder of St. Michael’s Media and, most people either love him or hate him.  Few people […]

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