Pascal’s Vision.

I came across this reading Rod Dreher’s great blog at The American Conservative.  This is a vision that converted the 17th century scientist Blaise Pascal to Christianity.  We need this today in the 21st century. FIRE. GOD of Abraham, GOD of Isaac, GOD of Jacob not of the philosophers and of the learned. Certitude. Certitude. […]

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Canadian Bishops side with Francis?

As some of you who read this are already aware, the Catholic Church is in a crisis.  Pope Francis along with his closest advisors are implicated in a cover-up of sexual abuse of seminarians and priests by known homosexual Prelates. A letter was recently published by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano naming names and calling for […]

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The Death Penalty.

This issue has been written and tweeted about endlessly since the announcement of the rescript of the Death Penalty section of the CCC.  I just want to publish the section of the Catechism of the Council of Trent that explains based upon Sacred Scripture that the Death Penalty is lawful when done righteously. The Catechism […]

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I was watching a recent episode of Off The Menu with Vincent Frankini and Charles Coulombe where Charles was asked about immigration.   The rather long answer he provided was absolutely spectacular, and spot-on. The questioner asked what Catholic teaching was on immigration and what Charles thought of it.  The two-fold answer was great.  I’m going […]

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Random Thoughts

First, Vincent Frankini of Tumblar House made a suggestion that if one were to read 10 pages per day for an entire year, you would read about 3650 pages in a year which would work out to 10-20 books per year.  So, I was reading Libido Dominandi the last couple of mornings.  I bought Libido […]

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The Principle

If you haven’t seen Robert Sungenis’ movie “The Principle”, you’re missing out.  I don’t think it matters what side of the debate you’re on (heliocentric vs. geocentric), just go see the movie .  Its absolutely incredible.  This gets right to the root of the issue that everyone has to contemplate at some point.  Is there […]

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