St. Andrew, Ora Pro Nobis.

Its St. Andrew’s Feast Day today.  The first of the Apostles called by Our Lord.  He was crucified on a cross shaped like an X.

With each saint who was martyred for the Faith, we should hope and pray for the grace to persevere until the end, even unto a death by crucifixion and/or torture.  According to Wikipedia the name “Andrew” means in Greek: manly, brave, from ἀνδρεία, Andreia, “manhood, valour”. 

Traits or characteristics such as manly, brave, manhood, valour seem to be in short supply these days.  St. Andrew, pray for us.  We pray for Catholic families to be raised according to the Faith, and for young Catholic boys to be taught and nurtured such that they become manly, brave, Catholic men. 

We become so easily consumed by the material.  Here in Saskatchewan, and in Canada as a whole, the whole political conversation (such that it exists) is about oil and gas.  Its all “jobs, jobs, jobs”.  Energy and consumption is everybody’s focus.  In actuality if we put our raising virtuous Catholic families first our society would be far better off.  Both in Saskatchewan specifically, but also in Canada as a whole.