St. Albert The Great

Today is the feast of Saint Albert the Great.  St. Albert was the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas.   St. Albert, ora pro nobis.

Given the decline of our education system in the west, particularly the post-secondary section of it, we should be praying to St. Albert every day.   If you’re a young person considering spending thousands of dollars to attend a major University, DON’T. 

Learn a trade. Preserve your mind.  Spend a fraction of that money you would otherwise spend on a University, and take classes from the Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom.  Study the truth.   Brother Francis’ Philosophia Perennis will change your life.   

If you don’t want to do that, do something else worthwhile with your time or money, but faithful Christians and others of good will need to stop willingly giving their money to these corrupt institutions.