Reclaiming The Sacred.

My own Archdiocese of Regina is hosting the event.   Its about helping youth thrive in our hyper-sexualized culture.

I’m typically very skeptical of the events that the Archdiocese puts on.  The faith formation is not good,  so its hard to be positive that events – even events that sound so good and beautiful as this –  will bear fruit or will truly prepare kids for what they will encounter in the World.  

That said I hope that this will be true to the doctrine of the Catholic Church.  There is nothing more needed than for our young to be taught the truth about human sexuality.  We live in a culture where you can we think we can re-define reality – gender and marriage being the most obvious examples.   Kids needs to be taught that the World will not be kind to people that oppose the regime we currently live under (and in case nobody’s noticed, that “Regime” is not the social Kingship of Jesus Christ). 

If you live nearby and you’re reading this and you plan to attend, good for you.   Sadly I have to work while the event is on or I would be very tempted to check it out.  I hope that this event is faithful to the truth of human sexuality.  The truth is not popular, but it needs to be known.  One way today that you know you’re cooperating with God’s grace is if you are genuinely interested in the truth and you pursue it.  That’s actually what it means to be of good will – to love the truth and to seek it.  To want it. 

I will pray my Rosary today for the fruitfulness and faithfulness of this event.