Canada – World leader in the Culture of Death.

But, but, lets talk about ecumenism and social justice…

This is so evil I can’t imagine anything but chastisement coming to this country.  There is not a single political leader in this country willing to speak out forcefully on this issue.  And this is leaving aside that we’re the only – let me repeat that – ONLY democratic western country with zero restrictions on abortion.  NONE.  We’re in a class with China and North Korea.  I guess Pat Buchanan was right, this is basically Soviet Canuckistan.  If you think that would change under a Queen’s Ministry led by Andrew Scheer, I’ve got land to sell you.

If we (conservatives, so-called) were truly Christian in this country, we would stay home on election day next year unless “Conservative” party leader Andrew Scheer starts fighting the culture of death, but we won’t because its more important to make sure the electoral laundry gets done, rather than ensure the cause of the sheet stains actually be addressed.   Also, Max Bernier, if you’re not scared of controversy, why don’t you jump on this one?   This seems rather connected with the immigration issue that you seem so passionate about.

Our “leaders” don’t really want anything done on any issue related to natural law principles – not on abortion or euthanasia or homosexuality.  Its quid pro quo between the so-called left and right. You (the political left) get your sexual “liberation” and we (the political right) get our economic “freedom”.  Meanwhile our civilization literally goes to hell.

An enormous amount of the blame will be placed by our Lord at the feet of the Bishops of this country on the day of Judgement.  The complicity of the Catholic Bishops in this country with the widespread use and legalization of contraception and no-fault divorce, never mind abortion, is astonishing.  Prime Minister Trudeau, Sr. even consulted the Catholic Bishops on these questions, and the Bishops rolled over and offered some flim flam about conscience rights.  In fact on contraception its even worse because they directly disobeyed the Holy Father when he reiterated perennial Catholic teaching that artificial birth control is gravely sinful.  If you’re not familiar you just do an internet search for the phrase “The Winnipeg Statement”.

Bring on the chastisements, Lord.  We deserve it.  The amount of penance and prayer that faithful Christians should be doing for our own sins and the sins of our fellows, government leaders, Church leaders, etc. is almost overwhelming.

P.S.  Oh…and on the social justice front – don’t give ONE CENT to any program being run by Development & Peace, nor for any ecumenical efforts of any local Ordinary or the CCCB.   Nothing.  These fronts for marxism need to be starved of their funding from the faithful in the pews.

We need evangelization not ecumenism.