Oh, Good Grief.

It is just a rumour thus far, but this is ridiculous.  I want to remain charitable and faithful to the One, True Catholic Church, and I don’t want to just vent and gnash my teeth in response to the obvious undermining, or worse fracturing of the Catholic Church, but this is…goodness gracious.

Sweet baby Jesus have mercy.  Tell me it isn’t true.

Pope Francis, it is reported, accepted the Commission’s recommendation, apparently in contradiction to the Congregation’s determination. [I can believe that.  Card. Müller must be going crazy.]

However, the Holy Father determined that, while the ordination of women to the diaconate could, in fact, go forward, it would at first be conferred in the “internal forum”.  [Behold, the fruits of Amoris laetitia!  But… why not?  If penitents who are not really penitents can, according to their own consciences, be admitted to the sacraments of Penance and to the Eucharist, then why not ordination?  More and more people claim that conscience is supreme.]