If it be your will, Father…

I really hope and pray that Robert Cardinal Sarah is the next Pope. I’m not sure we deserve him, but we really do need him.

It would be such a refreshing change to have a Pope who would actually tell the truth without saying the opposite the next day. As I said above I’m not sure the Church deserves such a Pope given the sinfulness of her members, but if it is God’s providence then God be praised, Alleluia.

Contraception is the root of the problem. Our ability to separate sex from procreation is the reason we’re facing the current crisis. Before we blame the immigrants for coming here we should look in the mirror first and ask why its thought to be necessary at all.

In Canada our fertility rate is roughly 1.6 children per woman.


Its been a while.

I don’t blog that often for some reason, but once in a while I feel the need to actual get my thoughts out on paper (of a digital variety). There seems to be so much going on, it’s hard to know where to start.

  1. The British Columbia Lions signed (arguably) the best quarterback in the Canadian Football League. Welcome home Mike Reilly!! It’ll be interesting to see how much this energizes the Lions fanbase which hasn’t been given much to get excited about the last five years or so.
  2. Tottenham Hotspurs delightful performance against Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16. 3-nil clean sheet. It was a nil-nil contest through 45 minutes, but Tottenham made some adjustments that paid huge dividends in the final 45 minutes resulting in 3 unanswered goals.
  3. UFC tomorrow night has their first show on ESPN (not to be confused with ESPN+ the streaming service). This will be fun because its Cain Velasquez’ return to the Octagon after being out for a couple years recovering from injury. He’ll be up against Francis Ngannou who’s had his struggles of late after getting off to a hot start with UFC.
  4. Vancouver Whitecaps have a new Manager. Marc Dos Santos comes over from LAFC. The Whitecaps have been mired in mediocrity for virtually every season they’ve competed in Major League Soccer.

This is some of what I’ve been into lately. There’s obviously weightier issues to be talked about, but that’s for later. This was just a short little dip in the hot tub, before diving into the main pool for some real exercise.

St. Andrew, Ora Pro Nobis.

Its St. Andrew’s Feast Day today.  The first of the Apostles called by Our Lord.  He was crucified on a cross shaped like an X.

With each saint who was martyred for the Faith, we should hope and pray for the grace to persevere until the end, even unto a death by crucifixion and/or torture.  According to Wikipedia the name “Andrew” means in Greek: manly, brave, from ἀνδρεία, Andreia, “manhood, valour”. 

Traits or characteristics such as manly, brave, manhood, valour seem to be in short supply these days.  St. Andrew, pray for us.  We pray for Catholic families to be raised according to the Faith, and for young Catholic boys to be taught and nurtured such that they become manly, brave, Catholic men. 

We become so easily consumed by the material.  Here in Saskatchewan, and in Canada as a whole, the whole political conversation (such that it exists) is about oil and gas.  Its all “jobs, jobs, jobs”.  Energy and consumption is everybody’s focus.  In actuality if we put our raising virtuous Catholic families first our society would be far better off.  Both in Saskatchewan specifically, but also in Canada as a whole.   

Your Papal-Approved Catholic News.

I wouldn’t count myself in with the likes of Hilary White or Steve Skojec or any of the other bloggers who’ve been fighting the good fight for far longer than I’ve been woke, but this is a hilarious list of approved Catholic media sources from our (Canada’s) very own Father Thomas Rosica, or as I will refer to him, Father Tom.  

I mean, wow.  So from now on Catholics, this is what you’re allowed to read.  I guess I’ll have to do some editing of my link roll  on the side of this blog.

They just keep on digging.  Thank you, Hilary White.

St. Albert The Great

Today is the feast of Saint Albert the Great.  St. Albert was the teacher of St. Thomas Aquinas.   St. Albert, ora pro nobis.

Given the decline of our education system in the west, particularly the post-secondary section of it, we should be praying to St. Albert every day.   If you’re a young person considering spending thousands of dollars to attend a major University, DON’T. 

Learn a trade. Preserve your mind.  Spend a fraction of that money you would otherwise spend on a University, and take classes from the Saint Augustine Institute of Wisdom.  Study the truth.   Brother Francis’ Philosophia Perennis will change your life.   

If you don’t want to do that, do something else worthwhile with your time or money, but faithful Christians and others of good will need to stop willingly giving their money to these corrupt institutions.  

Reclaiming The Sacred.

My own Archdiocese of Regina is hosting the event.   Its about helping youth thrive in our hyper-sexualized culture.


I’m typically very skeptical of the events that the Archdiocese puts on.  The faith formation is not good,  so its hard to be positive that events – even events that sound so good and beautiful as this –  will bear fruit or will truly prepare kids for what they will encounter in the World.  

That said I hope that this will be true to the doctrine of the Catholic Church.  There is nothing more needed than for our young to be taught the truth about human sexuality.  We live in a culture where you can we think we can re-define reality – gender and marriage being the most obvious examples.   Kids needs to be taught that the World will not be kind to people that oppose the regime we currently live under (and in case nobody’s noticed, that “Regime” is not the social Kingship of Jesus Christ). 

If you live nearby and you’re reading this and you plan to attend, good for you.   Sadly I have to work while the event is on or I would be very tempted to check it out.  I hope that this event is faithful to the truth of human sexuality.  The truth is not popular, but it needs to be known.  One way today that you know you’re cooperating with God’s grace is if you are genuinely interested in the truth and you pursue it.  That’s actually what it means to be of good will – to love the truth and to seek it.  To want it. 

I will pray my Rosary today for the fruitfulness and faithfulness of this event.   

Canada – World leader in the Culture of Death.

But, but, lets talk about ecumenism and social justice…

This is so evil I can’t imagine anything but chastisement coming to this country.  There is not a single political leader in this country willing to speak out forcefully on this issue.  And this is leaving aside that we’re the only – let me repeat that – ONLY democratic western country with zero restrictions on abortion.  NONE.  We’re in a class with China and North Korea.  I guess Pat Buchanan was right, this is basically Soviet Canuckistan.  If you think that would change under a Queen’s Ministry led by Andrew Scheer, I’ve got land to sell you.

If we (conservatives, so-called) were truly Christian in this country, we would stay home on election day next year unless “Conservative” party leader Andrew Scheer starts fighting the culture of death, but we won’t because its more important to make sure the electoral laundry gets done, rather than ensure the cause of the sheet stains actually be addressed.   Also, Max Bernier, if you’re not scared of controversy, why don’t you jump on this one?   This seems rather connected with the immigration issue that you seem so passionate about.

Our “leaders” don’t really want anything done on any issue related to natural law principles – not on abortion or euthanasia or homosexuality.  Its quid pro quo between the so-called left and right. You (the political left) get your sexual “liberation” and we (the political right) get our economic “freedom”.  Meanwhile our civilization literally goes to hell.

An enormous amount of the blame will be placed by our Lord at the feet of the Bishops of this country on the day of Judgement.  The complicity of the Catholic Bishops in this country with the widespread use and legalization of contraception and no-fault divorce, never mind abortion, is astonishing.  Prime Minister Trudeau, Sr. even consulted the Catholic Bishops on these questions, and the Bishops rolled over and offered some flim flam about conscience rights.  In fact on contraception its even worse because they directly disobeyed the Holy Father when he reiterated perennial Catholic teaching that artificial birth control is gravely sinful.  If you’re not familiar you just do an internet search for the phrase “The Winnipeg Statement”.

Bring on the chastisements, Lord.  We deserve it.  The amount of penance and prayer that faithful Christians should be doing for our own sins and the sins of our fellows, government leaders, Church leaders, etc. is almost overwhelming.

P.S.  Oh…and on the social justice front – don’t give ONE CENT to any program being run by Development & Peace, nor for any ecumenical efforts of any local Ordinary or the CCCB.   Nothing.  These fronts for marxism need to be starved of their funding from the faithful in the pews.

We need evangelization not ecumenism.